DIY Sandbox!

Here's a suggestion to take advantage of the time we have at home during this lockdown.  Make a sandbox for your kids! 

We built one in our own backyard over a couple of weekends working only a few hours each.  Most of the time was spent planning.  The wood used was pressure treated pine and cedar fence pickets.  We added adjustable feet to accommodate an uneven ground and to lift the entire sandbox off the ground a few inches to allow a leaf blower to clean debris out from underneath. 

Here in Texas, we are fortunate to have a long outdoor season but the sun is pretty intense.  The 10x10 Palladian Gazebo would be a perfect shade structure to keep the sandbox and more importantly, your little one, out of the harsh sun and elements. 

All materials for the sandbox can be found at your local hardware store.  If interested, please feel free to contact us for plans free of charge!  

Jack Lin


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