Recent News and Updates:

7/3/18 - We have discovered that there is a website named "Garden Winds" which is selling replacement canopy tops and other accessories they claim are made for use on our Agora Outdoor Living Gazebos. Please note that this vendor is not endorsed by us and we cannot determine if their products will actually FIT onto our gazebos.  To assured of a perfect fit with our patented 4 vent roof frame, DO purchase from us directly by using the links to your right. 

5/10/18 - URGENT ALERT - We have learned that there are counterfeit sellers on selling products that they claim are made by us, under our brand, Agora Outdoor Living.  DO NOT purchase from sellers on AMAZON.COM.  These are NOT our items and we do not currently sell through and no warranties for items purchase on will be valid.  Thank you for your attention.  

5/10/18 - IMPORTANT NEWS - To Our Loyal Customers:  After almost 20 years of selling our gazebos and other products to Mills Fleet Farm, they have decided to discontinue our products.  However, do not fret because we have all of our gazebos, canopy tops, other accessories on our website.  Please use the links to your right to purchase directly.