Frequently Asked Questions:

Topic: Gazebos

Last Updated: June 20, 2004

Q:  Will the gazebo frame ever rust?

A:  The powder coated finish of the metal frame prevents rusting so long as the metal itself is not exposed.  Exposure of the metal may occur due to accidental scratches or long-term wear and tear.  Occasional touch ups to affected areas with weatherproof paint will ensure many years of continued enjoyment from your gazebo.


Q:  Does your gazebo include the fabric top?

A:  Yes!  All our gazebos are sold with a weather and UV light resistant polyester fabric top.


Q:  Will the gazebo move or blow away in strong winds?

A:  Several features of our design were specifically considered to allow the gazebo to remain very stable across a wide range of weather conditions.  The four wind vents in the canopy top help to allow wind to pass through the covering while any remaining wind pressure is resisted by the combined weight of the steel frame panels. 

If you live in an area where strong winds are persistent, it is advisable to take further steps to fasten the gazebo to the ground.  If the gazebo is installed over a soft natural surface such as grass or dirt, you may drive metal stakes (included) through the holes located at the bottom of the panels and into the ground.  If the gazebo is installed over a hard surface (wooden decks or concrete patios) it may be necessary to separately purchase screws or bolts and nuts to affix the frame to your installation surface.

For all customers, we highly recommend that you remove your canopy top in cases of severe inclement weather such as hurricanes.  Use common sense!


Q:  I like being outdoors, but cannot stay for long because of mosquitoes.  Are bug screens available for my gazebo?

A:  Yes!  Bug screens for all gazebo models are separately available for purchase as an accessory (or perhaps a necessity for some customers with allergies).


Q:  I live in an area that snows in the winter.  Should I be concerned about the weight of snow on my gazebo?

A:  You do not have to disassemble the gazebo during winter months.   However, to prevent damage to your gazebo frame from heavy snow loads,  remove the canvas top and store it in a dry location until spring. 

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